Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These are some of my favorite cartoon characters. They always
make me laugh! What is something that always makes you laugh?


  1. That boy is crazy. His face makes me laugh. KL

    What makes me laugh is Splatalot. It's a tv show. K.S.

    what make me laugh is funny jokes.B.L.

    What makes me laugh is Miss.Wend N.H.

    I love Miss.Wend because she make me laugh. J.T.

    The photo of the boy and the tiger make me laugh. C.C.

  2. I laugh when I see some one fall. Marco.

  3. that was one of my favorite comic strips when i was a kid.... it reminds me of my imaginary friend that made me cause so much mischief when i was younger...i think he is still making me cause mischief to tell you the truth!!!