Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why we write

We will be doing a lot of different types of writing this year, for many purposes and many audiences.  What are some reasons why we write?  
Since you're older now, and in third grade, what are some ways that you think your writing will change?  


  1. One reason to write is to think more and learn more.
    Because in third grade we want to learn how to make good sentence, not like kindergarten sentence. JT

  2. Writing is important to me because it is fun and I am thinking.
    It will change because I will learn cursive and write with more details. NHV

  3. People write to show people how to write more better and for people to know they need to write nice so people can read it. And to remember people from long ago.
    I can write more neat in third grade. And with adjectives. CC

  4. When we write it helps us learn and spell.
    I want to learn how to write cursive. We're gonna write good, not sloppy. KL

  5. I like to write because it helps me organize my thoughts, and I like the challenge of using just the right words. Writing also helps me to explore my thinking, and new ideas, and allows me to share what I have learned with others.
    My hope for my third graders this year is for you to be able to use more details, more precise vocabulary, and to write on a variety of topics. I would also like for you to understand the different types of writing genres and how to write for a specific audience.
    I see that many of you are eager to learn how to write in cursive, so we will practice that, too!

    Ms. Wendi