Friday, October 5, 2012

Making our sentences Fabulous!!

This past week we have been learning how to make our writing more descriptive using adjectives. Our goal has been to change our boring sentences into FABULOUS sentences. Read some of our creations!

We started by reviewing parts of speech. Here you can see the
students using manipulatives to scaffold more complex sentences.
Making "rainbow" sentences was quite the challenge, since 
we're learning how to describe without using "is", and learning
instead how to use one, two, or three adjectives before the noun!
Resistance was futile! By the third day, they could teach each other. 
Some were handily tossing around multiple adjectives, 
while others were using one, but all were before the nouns!!


  1. The dangerous, bloody elf ate Ms Wendi because she took his candy.
    The silly, awful grasshopper ate a poisonous snake.

  2. That dangerous little cat ate yummy Kelvin and chewy brayan. That dangerous mini chihuahua aet a humongous purple crocodile.

  3. My one year old baby sister was eating rainbow Froot Loops cereal.
    My evil younger sister threw the soggy, yucky cereal at me and got in trouble.