Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Assessment on the fly

Thought it would be fun to upload the last few weeks' worth of my blog posts into Wordle just to see what words popped up. Keeping in mind, the more words are used, the larger they are in the word cloud...Have a look.
Day 2 of 365 Days of Awesome: Reflection to start us off in the right direction. 

What I take from this is that kids are (whew!) my primary focus, but so are "others", "love", "caring", "words", "writing", "together", "ideas", "pictures", and "art", to name a few. Which is great because those are things I want to focus on in my classroom! 
What I see in much smaller font than I wanted are the words "learn" and "reflect", so this tells me I need to hone in more on what my students are actually learning, rather than just the activities they are doing. It also highlights a need for me to provide time for students to reflect more on their own learning.

See? Who knew that a word cloud could be such a useful reflective tool? Assessment on the fly!

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