Friday, January 4, 2013

Goal setting with idioms

Day 4/365: Setting goals with an idiom. Appreciating the goodness
when students "get" new concepts and can apply them. :)
I introduced the concept of idioms yesterday with the phrase "knock your socks off", and the first thing I asked students to do was copy down a simple sentence using the phrase. ("This year I'm going to knock your socks off!") Next, they drew a quick sketch depicting what they thought it meant. This is one example of student work, where the student drew herself throwing my socks into the trash! She wanted to throw them but of course I dramatized the difference between throw and throw away--she now knows that I don't like socks lying on the floor. (If only my son would remember that, I'd consider myself an accomplished teacher!) :)
Today they learned the actual meaning of the idiom, we decided upon a kid-friendly definition (hers is on another page) and then they completed sentence frames about how they will knock my socks off this year! Lots of thinking went into this one--reminding me that setting goals needs to become a much more explicit and continual concept for my 3rd graders. We don't just set goals and knock people's socks off at the beginning of a new year!


  1. I like the phase (knock your sock's off)

  2. WOW! I love your peice of writing.
    I like it because you have used ()!

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  4. I likethe phrase (knock your socks of)

  5. We want to know what knocks your socks off?