Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Lens (aka, 365 Days of Awesome)

Day one: Plan, hope, and get ready for your Amazing Year!
From, Ms. Wendi  :)
For my kiddos. And friends. And family, too. Here's to a New Year, in which the extraordinary can be found in the ordinary when you seek it.
So, our quest during this 365 Days of Awesome, students of mine, will be to capture the extraordinary positives, no matter how small or unlikely--with a photo or image each day:

  • random acts of kindness, 
  • snippets of joy, 
  • emotions of all kinds, 
  • things you see "anew",
  • times of gratitude, and 
  • things that make you stop and wonder in amazement

Let's seek them out at school and at home, while encouraging others to do the same...and watch what happens...

What do you predict will happen when we do this? Who do you plan to invite on this journey?

Visitors, please leave your own thoughts in the comments section below--we would love to know your predictions!


  1. What I predict is that all the people on this adventure will get eyes that start seeing new things and ears that start hearing new things. They will begin to pay more attention to the little things in life, the more quiet parts of life. They will begin to understand the great paradox of life that we always get back more than we give.

  2. what I predict that people can do thing with there family and cousin at home or at other places or you can make a goood thing in you family or you can or you can remeber you perent. I stial predict at you can do more thing in other home with your frinedes and you thing and other thing and you can do other thing with your famile and cousin and friends or with your meber to or thing you like to do

  3. I will notice More people hugging.I will notice people playing different games outside or inside. I will take care of my sister. I will invite my family on this journey.

  4. I might notice more that somebody told me something good. And more things of friendship. I will invite my mom on this journey.

  5. Were going to find good things evryday, my family about it, taking pictuers with my family all day.

  6. Thats the best post ever!!!This post is absolootly super duper,great,amazing.

    from keira at high lawn primary

  7. Hello from your quadblogging friends in Arbroath, Scotland. We are looking forward to sharing some of our photographs with you. We enjoyed looking at your blog and liked the idea of your listening journals. We might try that soon.