Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Octavio's Awesome Picture

Image 23/ 365: Octavio's drawing--a tremendous
source of pride for him--his "Awesome"!
Hi, I made this picher becuse I like Angry Brids. And I like playing video games about Angry Birds and this Angry Brid is one of my favrit because whin you click on the screen the Angry Bird will go faster.
I drew this picher becuse this is how they look like. Do you like Angry Brids? Do you like a certin Angry Bird?
Do you play video games too and watch TV shows?


  1. Hello Octavio. That's a great picture. I like the angry bird that blows up like a balloon and explodes. My class like playing on Moshi Monsters.

    1. thank you.What level are you on? Is Angry birds your favorite game. What is Moshi monsters?

  2. Awesome Picture Octavio! You are a great artist!

    I don't play angry birds, but one game my son likes is called "Cut the rope". Have you ever played it before?

    Mr. Catlett from Bellevue, Nebraska

  3. Hi,Octavio.

    I think your drawing is amazing. I'm also an Angry Birds fan and have three versions on this computer. I understand why you like this bird. You can make it go very high or much further than the others. At present I am completing "Angry Birds Seasons". Some levels are pretty tricky. :)

    Do I play video games? I have been using computers since 1975 when they couldn't do much. I have seen the quality of games develop so much and, yes, I have played many games over the years.:)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. Hi Octavio,

    Great angry bird picture! It looks just like in the game. You must enjoy drawing a lot!

    My son (who is 8 years old) and I both love playing angry birds. I like the newer versions that have come out recently, like the Rio and the Space versions.

    Keep up the great writing and drawing!

    Take care,
    Lorie K. from Columbia, Missouri

  5. Octavio, I really like your picture. I am not a big fan of Angry Birds, but I do like playing games. Have you tried the new Star Wars Angry Birds game?

    Mr. C

  6. Octavio I like your cool picture.

  7. This is a great picture Octavio! I like Angry Birds but otherwise I don't play many video games. Some of the children in my class have Angry Bird toys and Angry Bird t shirts. Do you have any Angry Bird clothes?
    Ms Breyley
    Burravoe School, Shetland, Scotland