Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Students Taking Ownership of Their Awesome

Day 9/365: Students taking ownership of their Awesome.
You know those days--those moments--when you so fervently wish you could bottle up an emotion forever? Along with a student's expression?

Yep, the kind that--as if by magic--intensifies joy whenever you retrieve it--that pure, unadulterated joy a student has when he/she is pure-t* proud of his/her success.......Forget caffeine--that's what comprised my energizing jolt first thing this morning.

Oh, how I wish you could've been there! One of my quietest boys, with his dimpled, toothless grin, came into my room first thing today, knelt down to root around in his bookbag, and--Voila! Out came a handful of pictures of his version of "Awesome" in his world. They were all pictures of his family together, and he explained each one to me--the most I'd ever heard him talk at one time without prompting. I couldn't stop hugging him, such a proud Mama Hen I was.  I hadn't assigned anything specific to the kids; we had just talked about where to find goodness around us, and what it meant to seek the extraordinary. We had come up with ideas--quite a range, actually, and then through the week I showed them "my" pictures. We talked a little more about perspective and "lens", and how viewpoint-- not only of an author, but anyone--can certainly make things interesting.

"B" took ownership of the idea, applied his own twist, and took action. He is now going to help me devise a display, on our door/ wall, to encourage other students to do the same.

This is precisely the answer to my reflections this week--I love looking for the goodness around me, but I feel like I've been taking this challenge alone. Yes, there's inherent benefit, and yes, there's a likeminded online #edugood group, but I wanted (selfishly?) for my students to understand the power of this, too. Firsthand.

Stay tuned as we get more discussion rolling about how to make this journey more inclusive. And just what it means to "spread the awesome." In the meantime, practice finding the extraordinary in the most unlikely places in your world, and feel free to share images with us!!

*pure T is one form of late 18th century southern slang for "genuine", "very", "really", "completely"--as a linguist, I do love the flavor of different phrases. :)

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  1. This is a great post,i'm so glad i came to your blog because now i can use your idears to write a post like this on my blog.
    great post!!!

    From Keira at HighLawn Primary School

    1. Keira, that's great! We are excited to hear of others spreading The Awesome! Can you please share some images that represent what is awesome in your world?
      We would love to post them here!

  2. wow your class are talented!

  3. wow!I really like your post it is very good and i like your expression!!!

  4. WOW!That post is amazing! I really like your adjectives!!! Your class is really tallented!

  5. our teacher rote this, but we can bring in pictures of good things. What are things that make you smile?