Sunday, January 27, 2013

The "Other" Blended Learning

Image 25/ 365. Independent cooks
Image 26/ 365: Not just cupcakes--a fun
summative assessment to demonstrate the
ability to read recipes, follow directions,
collaborate, and communicate!

With all the hype of blended learning and "new" ways of educating our kids, it pays great dividends to remember that our students need skills for life, and a chance to do things they might not otherwise have the chance to do at home. One activity with great value is cooking with kids, and it is easy to integrate with literacy. It's a delicious way to teach global literacy, and raise awareness of other cultures, too! The next time you read a book, think of how you can make something representative of part of the story with an edible or nonedible treat. (i.e., homemade salt-dough to create a relief map, or play-dough to mold animals you would see on a safari if you read a story about Kenya...) Yes, it takes planning, and yes, a little extra pocket funding, but this is also the tangible sort of learning that entices donors to help fund your ideas through grants. So many opportunities wrapped into one!

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