Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Creative Value of an ELL Buddy

Day 15/ 365: Notice the variety of math problems, including symmetry,
plus writing, for each day of the week. 
One of the best strategies for helping a newcomer ease into American school life, is to assign a "buddy" (or more than one), who helps explain procedures, instructions, and perhaps even some basic content. Although it can be a big responsibility for some, buddies who speak the same native language as a newcomer can help ease transitions on multiple levels. Some buddies may even assign themselves, as the one who created the above papers.

Today's image is of 2 pages from a homework packet that a "Teacher-to-Be" (3rd grade student) created in December for our latest newcomer. She painstakingly cut out paper and taped pages together for him to practice all sorts of basic math facts, symmetry, days of the week, and even a maze! She created this, then she proceeded to grade it all. (note the checkmarks and aceppted comment!)

I don't have to tell you how wonderful it is when students are so helpful, fueled by intrinsic desire to ensure success of others.

What are some of your strategies you have used with newcomers in your school/ class?

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