Sunday, January 20, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Middle School art upon return to their old school. There is no
place like home. True or False? :) 
Kids at PS/ MS207 (Howard Beach, New York) are back home, readjusting to classroom life as they once knew it. Of course, there are some things as far as tech goes that aren't quite the same, but Teacher T.F. is making sure her kids are resiliently moving forward. A personal thanks, T.F., for representing the teaching profession with such panache, and for modeling character in all you do with your kids!

The photo above is from their Middle School art projects--don't you just love all those ruby red slippers? What would you wish for if you could click those heels together?

Below are some pictures and part 2 of this amazing story.

Their banner, with all of the other communities inspired so far.
I imagine this banner will be full before long!

A reminder soon-to-be posted in the community
that hope is a tremendous thing...(Image 21/365)
This is definitely a double dose of 
happiness from New York--1) our new long-distance friends have moved back to their school after having been displaced by Hurricane Sandy AND 2) are generously helping others through the Stars of HOPE project. 
I had never heard of the Stars of HOPE, but thanks to T.F. at PS207, I have learned that it's an inspiring art project, simple in its execution, yet one that packs an emotionally optimistic punch for communities stricken by disaster. For 2-3 days, kids paint multicolored wooden stars with messages of hope and what they think might be inspiring to others. That in itself is empathically powerful, but that's not all. The stars are then placed around the community of the disaster-stricken community so that everyone can be reminded of the hope and goodness that exists in the face of disaster. What a simple way to empower children to nurture hope. 

Wooden stars, pre-inspiration. 

This is an excerpt from their website: 
The Stars of HOPE project is sponsored by New York Says Thank You Foundation, an organization that helps to rebuild communities around the U.S. affected by disaster as a way of saying “Thank You” for all the love and support Americans gave to New Yorkers in the days, weeks, and months following September 11, and Groesbeck Rebuilds America, a Texas-based “Pay It Forward” organization committed to aiding and rebuilding communities affected by disaster. The Stars of HOPE project is run by firefighters, police officers, educators and other volunteers from Texas, New York, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia and many other states. We have all, in some way been the recipient of a helping hand from others after experiencing a disaster in our own homes or communities or having been positively impacted by the idea of Americans helping Americans.


  1. I love you work so much.

    1. Thank you! Our kids are very excited to learn about blogging. Where are you from?

  2. we like your school because it is fun with good stuf.

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog! Where is your school?