Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What do you see in the moon?

Image 22/ 365: The magic of a full moon--does it enchant others like it does us?

There's no doubt about it--a full moon is magical in many ways. As we begin to study about the Earth, its moon, and other areas of the Solar System, we are also reading about ways other cultures view the moon. Many Americans say they see a "man in the moon", while other countries may see a rabbit, a pair of hands, or even a fox.
We would like to know what our readers from other countries "see" in the full moon when they look at it? Do you have any superstitions about full moons? Or famous stories or folktales from your country about the moon?


  1. In England, we sometimes believe that if there is a full moon, there will be werewolves lurking about!
    Miss Jarvis
    Class 2
    Norbridge Academy

  2. I hope you are commenting on our blog. We look forward to seeing your comments..

    Joe and komal.

  3. How many foxes look at the moon?

  4. i saw the moon and I liked it

  5. Do you know that the moon has a dark and lite side too.

  6. Ms. Wendi I like that picture because that reminds me of the planetarium.