Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Green Eggs?!? (and ham!)

Image 48/ 365: Some (very) green eggs and ham!

Image 47/ 365: Enjoying a green eggs biscuit sandwich

Image 46/ 365: An excited breakfast crew!
They could barely wait for me to take the picture!
Sponsored by the NEA (National Education Association), Read Across America Day is an annual celebration of reading and literacy in the United States. This year it will be on March 1, 2013.  Many schools around the country celebrate during the week with wacky and wild activities to share a love of reading, and to honor the whimsical author-illustrator Dr. Seuss.
Theodore Seuss Geisel used the pseudonym (pen name) "Dr. Seuss" to write 44 books, which have been translated into 15 languages. He claimed that silly hats helped him write silly stories, so of course, one day during the week is Hat Day. His book "Green Eggs and Ham" provided the inspiration for today's yummy breakfast, but it also has an interesting origin. Some say that Dr. Seuss' editor bet him that he couldn't write a book with only 50 words--and, well, the rest is history. The challenge was accepted and we all know how successful his resulting book is/ was!  (And if you want to know what the 50 words are, click here for a handy list, printable, I'm sure, for your next trivia game!)
Many of his books, although whimsical, also have serious messages, such as environmentalism in The Lorax. Others may or may not have been based on actual people, such as Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! with its uncanny timeliness with Richard Nixon...And he has admitted that the Grinch was a loose self-portrait of his grumpy holiday ways.

Image 45/ 365: Activities for the week
Image 44/ 365: The Cat in the Hat was here!
So, you see, Dr. Seuss was an intriguing man, knowledgeable and full of whimsy, so join us in celebrating not only his well-loved literary achievements, but also of the joys and power of reading. Read out loud, with your family, at school...read a book, a magazine, an e-book, or a comic book. Donate a book, visit your library, or make reading pledges with your friends.

And if you ever get stuck wondering what to do, don a silly hat, and see what fun ideas come to mind!

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