Monday, February 18, 2013

The Awesome of PS207 Strikes Again

I realize I'm a bit behind since Valentine's Day was last week, but here's another dose of Happiness and #Edugood in our schools. Valentine's day has been dubbed "Generosity Day" at 207. They usually wear uniforms but on the 14th, the kids were permitted the choice to make a donation to Stars of Hope and "dress down" for a cause! They were instructed to wear red shirts. Our school doesn't do anything like this, and our kids were intrigued by the idea, but they're very glad not to be wearing uniforms! :)

The generosity day comes with some incentive. Teachers have generosity cards, and if they see students demonstrating generous deeds throughout the week, those student names go on a card and in a bag for a drawing Valentine's afternoon for a prize. I'd say the whole staff needs to receive a prize for modeling steely resilience and rising to the many challenges they have faced since Hurricane Sandy! Especially for fostering such a positive atmosphere. Love it!!

Apparently the kids were very excited and it makes me wonder how we can spread this idea....How about other readers? Do you have similar incentives for a cause? We'd love to know!

Image 43/365: PS207 rocks an incentive for a cause.

Image 42/365: Pay it forward!


  1. Mrs. Pizzariella (PS 207 teacher and SOH volunteer)February 20, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    Thanks for the kind words Miss Wendi! I would just like to share with you a little something. The "Stars of Hope" that you and your fabulous students sent to their NY pen pals are now showcased on the Stars of Hope NY NJ facebook page! Please be sure to visit the page and "Like" it !!!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Pizzariella! Our kids will be thrilled to see how small acts of kindness have far-reaching impact!! So exciting!!