Friday, March 8, 2013

Extraordinary Heartfelt Awesome

Image 56/365: Look what we found in our mailbox!
Once again, Ms. Fraser's Super Stars rock the Art of Awesome on an epic scale! What a surprise we found in our mailbox this week--a homemade cookbook direct from PS 207, Room 403. It just doesn't get any better than this--handwritten recipes from our pen pals. I gotta say, classic risotto and Nana's meatballs will likely be tested at my house this weekend...or maybe Josh's zucchini pie?...and then there's the "Sweet Recipes" which comprise 2/3 of the cookbook. I take that as a sign! :)
Ricotta cookies, mud bars, cheesecake---oh my, the choices are delicious, and so different from what my students are accustomed to. Which, of course, will prompt us to try making at least a couple of them together in our cooking club.

And just who, dear readers, do you think should benefit from our learning efforts (aligned with our new recipes!) in the project lab, aka, kitchen? Hmmmm.....If the old adage is true, "you get what you give", then Room 403, you're in for a treat!

Image 55/365: All the ingredients for pure happiness.  
Image 54/365: So excited to dig in  
Image 53/ 365: Thank you!!!!

Image 52/ 365: Look at those happy faces, Room 403!! Just so everyone knows,
the whole idea for reaching out to a class from New York after the Hurricane
was that of Guadalupe, seen here holding our AWESOME cookbook!!

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