Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Holi-- A Rangi Changi Day!!

 My house baba blessed me with
 a two-tone tika after breakfast.
Leave it to the travel gods to land me halfway around the world just in time to celebrate the colorful day of an ancient Hindu holiday!
My day started off fairly inconspicuously, with my house baba painting tika on my forehead after breakfast of spicy daal bhaat...since today, the last day of Holi, is a national holiday, schools are closed, and most Nepalese do not work. In a nutshell, this is the day of celebrating good over evil, and the arrival of spring. I've heard three stories about its history from local Nepalese, and each involves quite a bit of trickery by mischievous beings, human and deity. Holi is also known as the Festival of Colors...and as I was about to learn, the Nepalese take their "playing colors" very seriously!
 Daal Bhaat, rice and beans--
for breakfast and dinner, along with curried
veg. Nepalis love their spicy food.
 Neighborhood kids greeting me
in the morning--Happy Holi!!
As we walked through town to 2 of the local orphanages to celebrate and play colors with the kids, it soon became apparent that rooftop water balloon and water bucket insurgents hang out on the rooftops awaiting unsuspecting Holi-ers. But it's not just about the water, since it is a Festival of Colors, you see. Colored powders that span the rainbow make quite a lovely paste when water is added to them...
A girl from the orphanage
reacting when a water bag burst at her feet.
 Throwing colored water!
Happy Holi, indeed!
Men, boys, women, and girls alike stroll around with boxes and bags of brightly colored powder which they love to wipe on your face as they wish you a Happy Holi! It is definitely a day of fun, laughter--oh, how my jaws and belly ached from laughing so hard today!--and EVERYONE gets involved. This day is one far better told through pictures than words. So, enjoy! And by the way, the Nepali for "colorful" is "rangi changi," so please, feel free to exclaim Rangi Changi! as you watch the video. :) (C'mon, you know you wanna!)

Please click this link to see more pictures:
Happy Holi Video

Don't let that cute face fool you--she was a menace with
a "lola", water balloon.

 One of the girls with a "sprinkler" to make those colors stick!

 Local boys joining in on the fun

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