Monday, September 2, 2013

Make A Ruckus (they told me to!)

Leadership Lessons from Social Media is an article I read today that got me thinking about this new school year, and where it's headed--at least in my little circle of influence. Politics and personal issues the past couple of months have resulted in some pretty solid soul-searching. This list of 10 lessons from social media was just the little boost I needed to prepare for classes after a long weekend, and I thought I'd share!
Using social media to try something new, something
different, and sharing our work and ideas with others in
the world. 

Have a quick read and let me know which ones of the 10 are your favorites. Are there any you can add?

#7 is my favorite. I like to think I'm a bit different--in a good way--but I loved the challenge to make a ruckus. Bingo. Instant rethink on bringing my game.

#8 and #10? Yes and yes. Share and spread ideas of others. Teachers can focus on that ultimate goal of student learning, and remember we're all in this together. So much easier said than done, though, which is why I added it here. I want to work on this one because it's so important. The article says it best with: "Give without expectation."

Hmm. Pure reminder of the goodness that exists. If we're thinking it, then it must be possible, right? As Angela Maiers loves to say "You Matter"! That "...what you do and who you are [has] a profound impact on the world....The world would be a very different place – a lesser place – without you."

How incredible that foundational message will be in my classroom this year!!! Imagine making that explicitly known to your students--how would they respond? Imagine how they can ramp up their own game realizing that?

Thanks to social media, I keep learning and being inspired by other teachers, leaders, and thinkers, like Angela and countless others. There are think-labs like the CTQ Collaboratory which keep me motivated, (even when I lack the time I 'd prefer!); Twitter--keepin' things short and simple, but relevant to me and my classroom; and various global connections to keep my own views in perspective while expanding them. There are so many other sites to explore and use--ask friends, share, collaborate, and hey, you saw it in the article--"MAKE A RUCKUS", and let your fun be contagious!


  1. Numbers 5 & 8 resonate with me. Leadership is not a competition. Communicate to influence. Pertinent reminders for September. Misstori

    1. Always on target, Miss T. Excellent reminders for both of us.