Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seed-spittin' : All In A Day's Work

Let the government shut down!! Learning is taking place regardless of their ability to synergize. As one of my students said today during a chat about the "shutdown" (in 3rd grade speak)--they need to learn about how to synergize and then they can come spit with us!!

Wait--"spit" with us?


What better way to introduce the concept of comparatives and superlatives than with a seed-spitting contest? Thanks to my neighbor's watermelon donations (thanks, Max), we had a lovely supply of seeds with which to learn about the terms "farther than/ the farthest/ good/ better than/ the best". And, ahem, "more spit than/ the most spit"--and I'll just let you imagine the rationale behind the need for those phrases...
Waiting for the action to begin!

Excited to track the seeds. 
Spittin' with panache--unearthing some
new skills and talents!
Not sure which teacher eval standards my
participation addresses, but, you know
I had to showcase my skills, too. :)

Encouraging even the most reticent to try. 

Marking and measuring whose seed went farther
than the others and whose went the farthest.
Much more fun than a worksheet!

Whose seed do you think went the farthest?
There were a few whose seeds went farther than mine, so I guess I have some work to do!

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