Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seeking a global smartypants!

Ok, stage 2 of our mystery project is in its throes....We're not finished yet, but we want to put it out there for you to think about...we're seeking a global smartypants. :)

What do these pictures, a rubik's cube, a magic trick, and the time of 3:15 have in common?

A film director/ videographer?

Trick-or-treating and falling in love?

A ninja and a detective?

Using the map to find all necessary locations...(and our
clock hands slipped slightly past 3:15...)
Hmmm....what do you think? Any puzzle solvers out there willing to take a guess at one of our current projects? This one is a "first timer" for us...but stay tuned! It's gonna be fun!!

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