Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Questions for Ocean Experts!

Hello, readers! We have been learning about the ocean and some of its many animals, plants and mysteries. We have learned quite a few things, but we have also been coming up with questions during our reading, and we need your help! The kids suggested we put their inquiries online to "see what would happen"--they are learning the magic of connection. (Don't you love it?!)

Are there any ocean experts out there who can answer a few questions for us? Please watch the video below, and leave your comments.

We look forward to learning from you!


  1. Hi Wendy. I love the questions and the way you used technology with your students to pose these questions! Our classroom is located right next to the Pacific Ocean in Fort Bragg Ca. I wonder if we could work together via video exchange, FaceTime beach trips etc? It might work out really great for our students to explore these questions together. Let me know what you think? Thx

    1. Hi, thank you! It was my students' idea! Interestingly, we live about an hour away from Ft. Bragg, NC. We could definitely work together via video/ Skype/ hangout. Absolutely interested! My email is in my profile.
      We look forward to it!