Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making 2014 Resolutions With Idioms

Our class has been learning about idioms recently, and we've been focusing on idioms related to the body. 

Getting ready to lend a hand!

Idioms are word combinations that are totally crazy! If you looked up the words in the dictionary, then tried to put them together, they would make no sense! 

For language learners this type of figurative language can be very confusing. 

We listen to the idioms in context, then sketch what we think it means, and share our ideas out loud. After some discussion (and laughter!) I explain or act out its actual meaning. Once they understand the true meaning, they respond orally and in writing to a prompt to "show what they know"!

We decided to put our best foot forward in 2014 and think of ways to lend a hand as a New Year's resolution. We would love for you to read our ideas and add your own!

We are also going to be working on our typing skills, so some of our responses are in the comments below. 

Can you think of an idiom that you like to use? Please share it with us in the comments!

How about a way that you plan to lend a hand or put your best foot forward this year?
Putting our best foot forward!


  1. One way I will lend a hand is buy helping my mom cleaning the house and helping my mom with my little sister.

  2. One way I wii lend a hand is by helping my mom with my litter sister and with serving my family.

  3. Four ways I will lend a hand are to help my mom to clean the house, clean my room, and help my mom make my dad's lunch. And I will help other people.

  4. One way I will lend a handis by helping to sweep the floor and wash the dishs and help my borthr and my dad.

  5. I will lend a hand to my best friend Sebastian by cleaning his room.

  6. I will lend a hand to my friend my best friend to help them with my math homework.

  7. I will lend a hand to friend by help on homework and spelling and help on math.

  8. I will lend a hand by helping my mom loseing wight like 90lbs or something. I will lend a hand to myself by readihg for my goal and doing my hair in the moring and cleing my room to.

  9. I will lend a hand to Carlos by helping him to do his spelling homework.