Monday, January 27, 2014

Solving a "Double-Mystery" Skype

One of the objectives for using technology in the classroom is how to use it as an actual "tool", how to use it not only to find information, but to share as well.
There are so many ways to do this now, but one of our favorite ways is using Mystery Skype, and we wanted to show our readers what happened during the last one.

We learned a new word: "TROUBLESHOOTING".
At first, we could hear them and see them, but they couldn't see us.
We finally had mutual sight, but then we lost sound.
Neither class could hear the other, but we could see each other.

What would you do, if you only had a small window of time, and still wanted to solve the mystery?!

Look what my Geo Detectives did! Instead of sitting back in defeat, they grabbed our little whiteboards and started writing their questions as quickly as they could, then displaying them in front of the webcam.
The other class did the same. Take a look!

Using the whiteboards ramped up the excitement, and gave everyone
an extra chance to collaborate. 

Our fellow Mystery Skypers were rapt and attentive as they
read the next question.

They wrote their questions for us on whiteboards, too!
What an unintended (surprise!) twist to our Mystery Skype!
Hmmm....Ben and Jerry's, Cabot Creamery, mountains....any ideas?
The Googler Team is at it again, piecing the clues together.

Success!! We guessed their location! Vermont!!
When we finished our Mystery Skype, the kids were super excited that not only had they solved the location, but they had dealt with "real-world" technology issues with panache, and without giving up. These kids love a challenge--nearly as much as they love success!!

What type of "real-world" problems do your students encounter with technology and how do they solve them? We would love to know!

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