Wednesday, March 12, 2014

These girls have some questions about a Gigantic Rutabaga!

We've been learning about the Olympics, from Ancient Greece to Russia, and we recently finished reading the Russian folktale titled The Gigantic Rutabaga. In a nutshell, it is a story about how a Russian Grandfather couldn't pull out a rutabaga from his garden because it was soooo GIGANTIC! He asked Grandmother, Granddaughter, the dog, the cat, and the mouse to help him until they FINALLY PULLED IT OUT! The story is full of repeated events which were great for sequencing.

Here is Russia!!
We learned that there are similar vegetables in other versions of the folktale, including a Gigantic Carrot and a Giant Turnip. Which is the most popular version in Russia?

We also have some other questions for you, if you are from Russia!

What is your favorite vegetable?
Do kids like to eat rutabagas?
How do you cook rutabagas?
What do your schools look like in Russia?
In Russia, do people think mice are strong?
Do rutabagas really grow that gigantic?
How is your weather right now?
What are some of your favorite folktales?
Do you read any stories from America?

We also read that the Russian language has a tongue twister when this story is told--can one of our readers help us by reading it to us so we can hear you? Ms. Wendi knows a little bit of Russian, but she  loves hearing native Russian speakers!
Here is what we found for the last part of the story--can someone read it for us?:

Myshka za koshku, koshka za Zhuchku, Zhuchka za vnuchku, vnuchka za babku, babka za dedku, dedka za repku, tyanut-potyanut--vytyanuli repku!

Thank you for your time!
 We can't wait to "meet" you!

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