Friday, April 4, 2014

Great things are afoot...

Today another budding entrepreneur was provided a jump start for her idea to help others. This 3rd grader's application convinced the judges that her project was worthy of a mini-grant. She encouraged friends to help her with the application and process, and they will work together in upcoming weeks to complete the project.

Her goal is to help students in need, and this mini-grant will help get her started with a project she has imagined for awhile. (And yes, we'll get the details out later regarding her project!)

The foundational thinking behind PRAESPERO is that socio-economic status shouldn't preclude kids from developing money management skills, seeing ideas through from seedling to successful completion, and looking ahead to the next step.

Keep in touch, because we will be posting an update about her progress, and ultimately, her success with her ideas. As of now, this project has already made a tremendous difference in her thinking, and motivation at school.

We can't wait to see what's next!
Reaction after the phone interview step of her application.
She said she was "almost crying because she was so happy."
What a great day--big smiles and an even bigger heart
in this third grader. 
Excitement after receiving her mini-grant funds. She and one
 of her partners are ready to roll!

Contact me with questions!

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