Monday, April 21, 2014

Observing and Wondering

Good morning! Today we are going to start reading a new biography about a very famous artist named Georgia O'Keeffe. We have been learning how important it is to be able to ask and answer questions, and today we will use the painting below to practice asking questions. During the week, I hope we will be able to answer many of those questions!

Today you will also practice observing, which means looking at something without judging it or analyzing it. Use words like: I see...., In the picture/ painting there is/ there are....
When you use words like I think... or It looks like... you are presenting an opinion rather than a fact. 

This is very hard to do, but today we will practice it!

Your task today before reading:
1) Write one observation.
2) Write one question.  (make sure you remember your punctuation!)
3) Have fun!


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  2. I see the latter is up in the sky an d no one is holding.
    I wonder who is holding the latter?

  3. I see blue sky. I see a ladder. I see the moon. I see the montins.
    I wonder why is the ladder floding?

  4. I can see a moon, a ladder, a blue sky, and a black land.
    Why the ladder is flowting?

  5. I see a lader. I see a moon. I see the sky. I see the roks.
    Is the ladder going to fall? Is the bottom stuff roks or montains in the bottom? Is the sky going to rain?

  6. I see a ledder. I see a moon. I see a mountin.I see the sky.
    Why Georgia OKefe draw a ladder in the sky?

  7. I see a half moon.
    Why is the ladder in the sky?

  8. Why the moon is small?
    I see the have moon and I see a ladder.

  9. I wonder if that ladder is big?
    I see a ladder and I see hafle moon.

  10. I see a ladder. I see a hlaf moon. I see rock and the ground.
    I wonder why the ladder is in the sky?
    Why is the rock are down?

  11. I can see a moon is on the sky. And a ladder and a black mountain.
    Why is a ladder on the sky?