Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nepali Tea and Carolina Blue Skies

Carolina Blue Skies.
A Friday morning. 
And a toast to us from a country far, far away.

A toast, that is, of Nepali Chai (yummy, sweet, milky tea!) from our friend Govinda Panthy and his daughter Swachalika in Nepal. Gracious they were to spend part of their Friday evening (did you know that Nepal is exactly 9 hours and 45 minutes ahead of us?) teaching some of my students about their country, their school, and yes, of course--Nepali Tea. 

The kids meet Swachalika, who impressed them with her
superb knowledge of English. Yes, she knows English, Hindi,
 and Nepali languages! My kids were shocked to learn that
she actually LIKES to do her homework!
Govinda is always entertaining--look at these smiles! 

Ahhh, there it is! Sudha (Govinda's wife) had just brought
him some evening tea. Here's to you!
Responding to some questions from my kids, Govinda
shows them how to write his name in his language. 

Ta-da!! The kids said "English is so much longer!"

Underneath Govinda's name is "Ms. Wendi's" name....hmmm...
guess I need to practice that!
Below you can see our Padlet, where students responded to two questions:
"Why is it important to read and learn about other people and cultures? AND How does learning about other people influence your thinking?"

What about you? How does learning about other people and cultures influence YOUR thinking?

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