Monday, June 9, 2014

Flat Stanley: A Visit from MA to NC

Guess who came to visit us?!

Flat Stanley arrived in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago and has enjoyed a few little adventures. He's been a lot of fun, has met lots of kids and animals--and he's even flown on an airplane!

Keep reading to see some pictures from his visit. 

Day one with us--welcome to 3rd grade in the south,
Flat Tic-tac-toe Stanley!
Flat Stanley scored some points playing indoor golf during
Physical Education (PE) class. 
Here he is, getting ready to tee off.
Fore!!! (Five? He was confused, and
thought he had to count higher.)
Flat Stanley definitely needs some work
on his camouflage skills. 
Flat Stanley tries "bus-surfing".
(Please don't try this at home. FS is now a
trained professional.)
Flat Stanley wows the crowds on a nearly
"Carolina blue day". 
Flat Stanley joined the third graders in setting
goals for their summertime. 
Flat Stanley and Ms. Wendi arrive in Washington, DC,
and this is the first thing they saw! Do you know
what the name of this famous landmark is?

F.S. found inspiration in Ms. Wendi's favorite
D.C. monument. Can you guess which one
this is?
FS took a piggyback ride with Ms. Wendi on her
morning jog, and this is what he saw.
President Obama heard F.S. was coming, so he left the porch
lights on. (Can't talk about the visit--very secretive stuff,
you know.)
Another view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol
Building in Washington, DC. Can you guess where FS is in this
picture? Hint: look closely on the left and right of the photo!
FS really loved the plane ride. This was when
we were almost back home in North Carolina.
What landform did he see?
Flat Stanley learns about honeybees in North Carolina!
No fear, and no stings--but lots of honey!! Sweet!
Brave, brave FS!
 First bees at Ms. Wendi's, then a killer parrot,
belonging to our phenomenal music teacher.
He remained unscathed and ready for more action.
(Flat Stanley, that is.)

Flat Stanley jammed out on some African drums
at school. Notice that no one else is playing--the
kids were pretty enthralled by his skills. 

Flat Stanley's talents know no bounds. Here
he once again demonstrated his surprising
musical talents. Looks like a natural to me.

Flat Stanley met our Lion Cub. He really liked the saying
about Courage, and he says he's going to remember that from
now on. He wants to keep trying, because there are so many
things he wants to do!

Thank you for sharing Tic-Tac-Toe Flat Stanley with us! He had a pretty incredible time here, seeing so many different things. We wish he could report back to you later this summer about more of his adventures. Is it ok if he stays to play with us longer?

Dear readers, what suggestions do you have for us to do with Flat Stanley?
North Carolina readers, what are some great places YOU love to visit that you think we should visit, too?

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