Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer, by the numbers

What does summertime really look like for teachers? In my world, there's a lot of learning going on, not necessarily all academic or book-based, but enough to know there's so much more!

Here's what has happened so far, by the numbers:
5 books read
4--my son's All-Star team finished in the top 4 at the State Tournament! (all you baseball parents know how much time led into that run)
3 workshops--slavery and sketching
2 more to go--teacher leadership and ESL
1 final book draft--COMPLETE!!

As I take some time today to start planning for the new school year, I also want to plan for the next 3 weeks of summer.

But you know how it is. There's. So. Much. To. Do. So many books to read, so many sketches to create, so many water balloon fights and evenings playing catch....baseball weekends, friends to catch up with, parents to visit, first semester planning...So, I'm going with the belief that thoughts become things, and making a new numbered list of "must-dos" to include in my days:

5 more books read (including 2 cultural/ historical, 2 academic, and 1 fiction)
4 trips, including a kickoff meeting in D.C., and an ESL conference in Greensboro; plus a visit home to my parents, and one TBD (thinking coastal here)
3 sketches a week
2 letters a week--yep, the handwritten kind
1 new activity that both my son and I can do together...thinking parasailing!

I've always learned that to keep your goals, write them down. I do, but never publicly--this is a first. In doing this, you can see that I have more non-school related activities than not, and the two workshops I'm attending will be inspiring, so I look forward to them. I've emphasized getting back to my creative side,  and although these activities may not seem like much, the work with my hands will help my swirling brain slow down. Script lettering, sketching, and reading are all things I can do, but haven't made enough time for them. So, thoughts become things, and putting it out there publicly helps me stay accountable.

Thanks, readers, for coming along on the ride. Stay tuned for updates. And please, if you have ideas on how to relax your mind before school starts, I'd love to know your thoughts!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some creativity ready to burst forth.

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  1. You 've planned your last three weeks of summer really active. You have had to leave some time for just a relaxing. Everyone needs to have some day time nap or something like that while you still have some time.