Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Want to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Think again.

Think Hispanic Heritage doesn't relate to your content? 
Think again.

Think Science.....

Think geography, history, and culture....

 Think Literature...           

Think of values and opportunities...

And if you ask our students why celebrating 
Hispanic Heritage is important? 
Here's what They Think:

"It's important because to keep a life, culture, tradition and customs for our country."

"It is important because we keep alive culture and customs."

" It's important because we keep a life full of culture, that other people don't know, but many country have the same traditions or customs."

"It is important because we love our traditions and customs."

"Because is important have holidays and celebrate their food and customs, culture. We celebrate our family and friends."

"It is important because we keep a life full of culture tradition, hope and save the traditions."

And so we keep on learning, thinking, and appreciating the many gifts of cultural diversity in our classrooms, schools, and country. 
As you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, remember:  "Think Again. And Again." 

**Note: The beautiful bulletin boards were created by my colleague Carla Jimenez. She has incredible vision, and her creativity is endless! She captures the Hispanic spirit like no one else I know. Thank you, Carla!!!"


  1. Great ideas. I am now motivated to find a piece of Hispanic literature to share with my students.

  2. Nancy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you will do that with your students. Let us know if you need ideas!

  3. I guess you used I usually take ideas from there.


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