Friday, October 16, 2015

My Best Self? It's All Greek to Me, But That's Ok


A simple word for a big idea. When studying about Ancient Greece, students learned about different characteristics of society, government, and citizenship. They also learned a little about language--particularly key terms that lent insight into Greek thought.

Like Arete.

Arete is a tiny word that literally means virtue or excellence, but the bigger idea is about living at your highest potential from moment to moment to moment. Arete was considered one of the highest ideals of Greek culture, and we used this as a warm-up/ bellringer to get the creative juices flowing while tying in a little growth mindset.

Think Arete. What will you do to live your highest potential from one moment to the next? What does your highest self look like? What would you sketch if you were to sketch yourself with Arete, you being your best self in each moment?

Here are some simple examples from this 5 minute warmup. This work, by the way, although seemingly simplistic, serves as a continual reminder and reference point for days and weeks to come.

Remind your students that everyday when we wake up we have two options. Hit that snooze and dream about what we want.
Get up, and step into your Vision. Be your best self, in each moment. If you let yourself down in one moment, get back up the next. And continue.

Even if it isn't easy  (which it won't be), how will you live this moment and today with Arete?
Think, then live, Arete. 

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