Friday, May 6, 2016

How Pinwheels Impact Education

Call it new math. 

If one pinwheel equates to $2, 
and every $2 is donated toward the education of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Iraq, 
how many "pinwheel makers" could 3 girls encourage to join the challenge?

How many pinwheels do you think there are?

Joy and relief at a challenge well-surpassed. 

Their initial goal was 1500 pinwheels, but they were determined
to encourage more folks to jump on board.

When all was said and done, the girls had collected 3534 pinwheels from
classmates, staff members, and family members! Those are two proud
teachers in the center and on the left. 
The International Rescue Committee and Healing Classrooms/ Students Rebuild will distribute some of the pinwheels to Healing Classrooms students in Lebanon and Iraq. Others will be used to create a commemorative display within some of the refugee schools. Donations generated by the Pinwheel Challenge will provide training for teachers "in special techniques to engage conflict-affected children with social-emotional learning opportunities and to create secure, nurturing learning environments."  

We are grateful to The Bezos Family Foundation for generously matching each pinwheel made during the Healing Classrooms Challenge with a $2 donation. This has been an incredible way to heighten consciousness of the Syrian crisis as well as the refugee crisis, and to 
prove that small actions can help 
create tremendous impact
 for both recipients and makers alike.   

Keep checking the Students Rebuild website for more challenges, and to view prior ones. They also include free educational resources to help you add depth and understanding to the experience. 

Stay tuned for a guest post next week from the girl who spearheaded this effort. She was the "ringleader of wonderful things". And thank you again to Students Rebuild, the IRC, and the Bezos Foundation, as well as all the students at JMHS! Go, Jets! 

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