Wednesday, November 16, 2016

JETS Lending a Hand

Iris, Vanesa, and Esmeralda, collecting hands, teaching others. Doesn't get
much better than this. 
"It's not about a big change, it's about many small changes!" --Vanesa, senior at JMHS
Today's post is a guest post from a team of risk-takers and students who aim to make this world better.  Read what they have to say about their current challenge:

Let's make hands to "lend a hand"!

This challenge is "awesome", you should try it. It is easy, fun, and wonderful, and we're sure that you will love it as we do. Please note that you can make a positive change in many others' lives just with making a hand. 

The Youth Uplift Challenge, which has as a sponsor the Bezos Family Foundation, will donate $1.90 for every hand you make, to fight poverty. Your hands can save the children's programs and empower youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to rise into a life they dream for themselves.  The reason for $1.90 is because that's the average amount students like us survive on each day. 

To make hands is really easy. You just need to draw your own hand on a paper, cut it out and finally, write a thoughtful message of how you can help others. 

For example, here are some ideas as we have done:

  • Smile at all the people you see!
  • Explaining math to someone who has difficulty with it. 
  • Be kind.
  • Talk to someone who is sad. 
Any idea you have will be awesome, no matter what! Note that you can make the hands in Spanish or in English. 

The reason why they decided to make hands is because hands are unique; there are hands that are small, large, some with long fingers, and some with short. Our hands represent our identity and all the work we have done for others. Hands can be how we connect, how we work, how we give, and how we receive. 

This experience will also change your life, your points of view in life as it did with me...After making some hands you reflect how easy and grateful it is to help others who dream and wish for more opportunities to make real their dreams.

You can give back a little of what life gave you. Now we live in a world in which each one just think about their own self, forgetting that there are people outside who might need you. Let's work together to change this type of life, and also emphasize that dreams are created to become real!

Give this change to all those kids who wish for a better future for everyone in their community. Please, make a hand to "Lend a Hand"!

--Vanesa, Esmeralda, Iris, and the JMHS team

Getting ready to fill up this space with helping hands!

Ideas for you. You can join us, too!

**For those of you interested in conducting this challenge sponsored through Students Rebuild at your school, check out these links:

For information and resources, check this link here and get started!

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