365 Days of Awesome: Capturing the Goodness in Images

Our 365 Days of Awesome began on January 1, 2013. Click on this link for details:

New Year, New Lens (aka 365 Days of Awesome)

We are looking for classes to join us on this leg of the journey!! All it takes is one week of capturing the goodness (whatever that may be, wherever you are, whichever mood strikes) around you. We ask that students send us 7 images, (or even just one!!) with captions/ details to add to our blog. 

Thank you!!! My contact info is on my profile page. 

OK...I have to admit I didn't follow through with this one, but I have my reasons! There were so many wonderful examples of "awesome" in our journey this year, that I lost track. PLEASE take the time to browse through archived posts and look at the many images from just the past 8 months. We made it to 365 well before the 365 days of Awesome...which rocks. :)
Thanks for your understanding!!!


Image 43/365: PS207 rocks an incentive for a cause.

Image 42/365: Pay it forward!

Image 41/ 365 Days of Awesome: Some seriously happy kids--just goes to show 
how big the impact can be when you personalize an act of kindness. 

Image 40/ 365: When I pulled these out of the
envelope, Wilson exclaimed that "Strangers
can really become friends!"

Image 39/ 365: She danced around the
room as if she'd just won the lottery!

Image 38/ 365: Look at the detail in this one!
The kids loved passing them around.
Image 37/ 365: Even the boys hand-carried their Valentines on their way home 
rather than put them in their bookbags!  
Image 36/ 365: Feeling the love from
New York's PS207!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Image 34/ 365: Honoring kindness 100 different ways.

Image 35/365: Kindness comes in many shapes and forms!

Image 33/ 365: Preparing for Spring Festival--note the language,
 the red lanterns, the rockets/ fireworks to usher in the New Year.
Top right: a bride prepares for her wedding and she is beautiful in
red, but nervous! The bottom right shows the beloved panda, and
the kids' love for animals...the ubiquitous red lanterns in so many
of the pictures became a sort of "Where's the Red Lantern?" game
for our 2nd grade budding art analysts.
Image 32/ 365: Children celebrating Spring Festival with their family,
with red lantern decorations, and eating rice balls. The bottom picture
shows the students' love of exercise and sport at school. Such rich detail.
Image 31/365: Preparing for the Spring Festival, with red as good luck, and
Chinese writing invoking Happiness in what may come!

Image 30/ 265: Some more culturally aware 2nd graders holding art
from their peers in China.
Image 29/ 365: Artistic renderings of the Opera regalia, busy streets in
moonlight, and a nurse taking good care of an elderly grandma when
no family is there to do so.

Image 20/ 365:  Learning how to count in Chinese, and write a few math problems on our handmade Chinese lanterns. Happy Year of the Snake to you!

Image 19/ 365: Collaboration. You know it's good when it's noisy, animated, and the kids have a serious mission!

Image 18/ 365 is a short video of pics from North Carolina. Click here!

Day 17/ 365: Handmade art welcoming back PS 207 into their "old" building after being displaced by Hurricane  Sandy. A few glitches, weeks of going "without" what we take for granted, but all is well and the kids are happy to be home. 

 This one is just peaceful, isn't it? 
Day  16/ 365: We had our first snow of the winter last night, and although we didn't get this much, here are two favorite pictures that are simply awesome from a previous winter. 

Day 15/ 365: Notice the variety of math problems, including symmetry,
plus writing, for each day of the week. 

Day 14/ 365: Breakfast! Today's Image of Awesome is a link to a blog post which contains 2 short video clips of great kids practicing their presentation skills. Click the link to visit!

Day 13/ 365:  Does anyone remember Shrinky Dinks? Well, these little guys actually pulled up stools to sit and watch their Shrinky Dink Surfboards (!) transform in the oven today. Fun times, with several exclamations of "Awesome!!"--and no, the oven isn't on fire, it's just a reflection on the aluminum foil lining at the bottom. 

 Day 12/ 365: Ok, so this is a photo from a couple of years ago, but it's the first of many from these incredible visitors to our classroom. Mr. Len, a WWII Naval Veteran, and his energetic wife, Ms. Betty, continue to regale us with tales from the homefront and the warfront, bringing a long-lost era to life for all of us.

Day 11/ 365:  This is Ben, who gained a new moniker in the Mead World today as "Vat Man", for his magical abilities to transform honey, water, yeast, and fruits into sumptuous beverages any honey bee would be proud of. Uber-friendly and passionate about his craft, he was an apt choice for today's addition to the challenge. Visit their site, and them!

Day 10/ 365: Who says practicing fluency isn't fun?!

Day 8/ 365: There is something delightfully good about seeing students 
eager to work during their lunchtime. A bit young for a working lunch?
Maybe...but their discussions are so animated!

Day 7/ 365: Power to the PLN...empowering learning and teaching with virtual
networking and meeting incredibly passionate teachers worldwide. #flatclassroom
Stay tuned for some Amped Up Awesome in 2013...

Day 6/ 365: Simple truth. Go, kids!

Day 5/ 365: Finding balance as an educator can be tough. 

I'm thankful for my ability to run. Today was the first time

I've run 13 miles in years. 1:55:34. Thought about many things!

Day 4: Setting goals with idioms

Day 3: Smiling faces, eager to learn. By the way, these kids have phenomenal 
super-hug-powers to thwart even the worst bad day / moment. Better than medicine.

Day 3: (photo #2) A beautiful NC sunset greeted me on the way home tonight and I 
couldn'tresist a photo because it made me stop in wonder. 

Day 2: Wordle reflection; kids-centered classroom,
but remember the impact on student learning.

Day 1 of our challenge to seek the good and
prepare for One Amazing Year!

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