Sketchnote samples

Model Schools Conference, Orlando, FL, June 2016

Global Teaching Dialogue, US Dept of State, July 2016

Sketchnotes about Common Core. (March 2015)

Sketchnotes from a sermon! (2015)
Sketchnotes on Egypt for World History class, 2015. 

Sketchnotes for Teacher Leadership virtual presentation!
First ever virtual presentation, Feb. 2013.

Sketchnotes from discussions about teacher leadership, value creation, and implementing change for scale and impact. These are black and white copies--originals had some color.

My sketchnotes/ graphic viz from MASE TURN conference in Raleigh, NC. September 2012.

Pat Dolan's talk

Panel discussion on improving student achievement, Colorado experiences.

Jo Anderson's talk, policy advisor to Arne Duncan.

Voices from the trenches.
More inspiration from the ground.
Compensation, everyone's favorite debate.

More notes from the panel discussion on improving student achievement. 


Sketchnotes on my whiteboard from our plant unit, October, 2012. (Yes, I use socks as erasers--they work so much better!)


Sketchnotes from kids' author Steven Layne's visit to Siler City, October 1, 2012. 

Sketchnotes from Steven's presentation to the teachers. Such a fun speaker!

From Steven Layne's presentation to the students. 

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