The One and Only Ivan

October 18, 2012
This week we are still trying to catch up on our reading. As I have read aloud, the students have been experimenting with "listening journals", where they simply visualize or write as I read. It was the first time this group has tried it, and as you can see, there was a variety of ways they kept engaged during the read aloud. I definitely plan to try it again.

Some had full visuals and a summary.
Meat-balls instead of me-balls, helped me realize
misunderstood language. 

Others preferred writing and no visuals. 
Love the detail in this one. Impressive note-taking for a 3rd grader.
Still others preferred a visual without
wordsto express their comprehension.

Week of OCTOBER 8, 2012
This month our group is going to be trying a lot of new things as we try our first Global Read Aloud with other schools in the United States and overseas. We will be trying new tech tools, but our focus will be on:
  • writing with precision, 
  • responding appropriately to others and their comments, 
  • and expressing our reading responses in different formats.
We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Please click on the photo to visit our Thinglink and learn more about 
The One and Only Ivan. There are icons on the photolink, so please explore them.

Please also visit our Wallwisher at the link below to learn what 
we "saw/ thought/ wondered" after watching the trailer.

Here is the link:
The One and Only Ivan Wallwisher

Here is our chart:

OCTOBER 12, 2012
Collaborative Learning at its Finest :)

The kids are so excited--each day they come in to see the map on our blog, to see which geographical locations our visitors are from, and to check for comments. We will post pix of our map next week! Learning geography while reading about a gorilla...whoda thunk it? ;)

The first thing we do is check the map on our blog each day! 
We are so excited to see new cities, states and countries of our visitors!

We are checking to see if there are any comments.

Collaborative learning at its finest. :)


  1. Hi Ms. Wendi's class!
    Thank you so much for your comment on our blog. We are loving the book, The One and Only Ivan. We hope that we can collaborate and discuss with your class about the book more soon!

    Best wishes,
    Ms. Kim's 5th grade class

    1. Thank you for reading our blog. We are loving this book, too! Did you finish it yet? We aren't finished yet, but we will one day. We don't have a favorite character because we like them all. Do you have a favorite character?

      Thank you for writing. We will visit your blog soon.

  2. Wow! What a great surprise to notice a comment from you on our Voice Thread. The 1D Learning Heroes did work very hard on the pictures and Voice Thread. We appreciate your commnet. We liked your wallwisher and chart. We use the See/Think/Wonder thinking routine too!

    1. Thank you for reading our blog! We like your name, the 1D Learning Heroes. We are the World Wonders because we want to know everything! Are you finished with the book yet? We are not finished but we will sooner or later. We like the see/ think/ wonder chart because we like the sticky notes. Where is your class? We are in North Carolina, in Siler City.

  3. oops...we noticed we spelled comment wrong - commnet :-)

  4. HI Ms. Wendi and Class - I am a grade 3 teacher in Ontario, Canada and we too are reading The One and Only Ivan. The book is amazing and my students beg me for extra read aloud time every day. Ivan and his friends are teaching us a lot about compassion for all living creatures. We have been clipping articles from our local newspaper that show us examples of humans who are trying hard to make amends. Good luck on your journey.

  5. Dear Ms. Wendi's Class,
    I really enjoyed reading your Listening Journals and looking at the images you drew. Great job! My second graders are also reading The One and Only Ivan. We are in New York.
    Mrs. Rosenquist